Although the official beginning of our church is recorded as 1885, a few poeple had begun to meet as early as 1880 under the name of Free Will Baptist Mission. According to our records, the mission was housed by Frisbie Hall on the corner of Dickerson and E. 5th Streets. It was here that this congegration first started its spiritual life and religious pilgrimage pastored by Rev. G.W. Patterson. While we are not certain why the congregation changed its name, the records are clear that the congregation changed its name in 1885 from Free Will Baptist Mission to Shiloh Baptist Church and moved its location to 662 Dickerson Street. The congregation moved again in 1890 to the corner of Baldwin and East Fifth Streets in 1897, the congregation changed its name from Shiloh Baptist Church to Monumental Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend G.W. Deskin. A few years following this, the congregation moved to 312 East Clinton Street. The present building was erected in 1916 and the renovation was completed in 1960 under the pastorate of Reverend Latta R. Thomas.

Over the years various ministries have been formed to nurture the growing needs of our church. In the year 2000, due to declining male involvement in the church, former Pastor, Rev. George McDowell found the need to install 3 women as Deacons: Mary Hargrave, Katie Clayborn, and Laura Taylor. In addition to the women Deacons, Rev. Doris Washington-Cole became the first and only female ordained minister in the Monumental History books, In the year 2008 our first dance ministry was instituted and in the year 2010 the women of Monumental formed a women's ministry. Our ministries are a necessary part of our history as we are unable to move forward without them.

Monumental has always been actively involved with our community. From the earlier years of the "poor folk fund: to the 1960's when we pushed for education and voter registration, to our current efforts of enriching our community where we work live, and worship, we understand there are needs and we will continue to do the work of our Lord.

Monumental Baptist Church is dually aligned in our community. Our community involvement includes volunteering and donating to the following organizations...Just to name a few.....

		      Food Bank of the Southern Tier                         John Jones Museum
		      Hope of Christmas                                      Elks/Mason Easter Egg Hunt
      	              Artic League                                           NAACP
		      Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure                       Clothing Giveaways

In 2010 the congregation collected monetary donations, which the church matched dollar for dollar, for relief efforts in Haiti after the massive earthquate. We also helped victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.